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On Integrity

Or why we need to align our real actions with our real intentions.

On Forgiveness & Self-Belief

The opportunity costs

There is a certain tax we have to pay for every single decision we take on our journey. Both in professional and private life, YES to one thing means a clear NO to the other one. And vice versa. Saying NO on one end creates a space for YES on the other one. Let’s call it OPPORTUNITY cost.

But no matter if we end up winning or losing something in this process, especially when making tough and life-changing decisions, there are technically no failures.  All we can choose to see in this context are experiences and progress opportunities. And we should rather say “choose” as it’s up to us to find the grace, meaning and inner peace, no matter what we deal with.

Intuition works only when backed by Integrity

The less fortunate scenario would be paying this opportunity expense without even knowing what are we are paying for. Or better said, sabotaging and ignoring the learning process, even when our intuition has been screaming and throwing grenades at us for a while.

That’s where a little piece of solitude might work wonders. Since all the moments, where we tune in with our own identities bring us closer to our core values and integrity. And true integrity is as tricky as Bugs Bunny. We can chase it all our life, however it can only be reached when we choose to align our real actions with our real intentions. No excuses and no people pleasing maneuvers get a free pass here.

In the opposite case, running on autopilot and passive submission to all the external noises and judgments may have very undesirable consequences. What´s even worse, the “self-inflicted blindness” may lead to a distorted perception of reality. This often results in nothing more than entering a fuck-up spiral fueled by self-doubt and multiple repetition of the same errors = doing the same shit at least twice (oh boy, been there, done that).

The truth is, life keeps testing us all the time. It will gladly keep kicking our soft a**** and challenging us in the same area until we get exactly what we need to get. Then & only then, we are allowed to rise again and proceed to a higher level of understanding and development.

Why I’ve decided to write few lines about this topic tonight is first of all my desire to get back to what I love very much – which is writing.

This particular blogpost should serve as a smooth reminder to

  1. do all the inconvenient & right things
  2. simplify life instead of complicate
  3. and “keep on keeping on with doing whatever has to be done“

Long story short, one simple truth says it all:

Self-talk matters. Until you change the way you’re thinking, you will always recycle your experiences.

With love, grit and grace,

Your Soni

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